Cumorah Academy 2023 Scholarship Drive

Funding a scholarship that can impact both time & eternity!

Cumorah Academy invites young adults from across the globe to enhance their competencies and resilience in spiritual, social, emotional, and professional domains of their lives.

A generous gift of $6,780 funds a full scholarship and permits us to offer young adults facing a financial hardship an opportunity to experience the three month stay on our unique campus that lends itself to our Christ-centered leadership and personal development curriculum; a program rich in rigor, immersive, applicable, cohort-connected, and mentor reinforced.

Our scholarship program is designed with dignity for each recipient student, who has an opportunity to contribute their time and talent in giving back.

“I recovered my hope & confidence, in God and in myself” – from Venezuela

“My life completely changed; I got so much more than just education. I learned how to be “grown up” and how to think with positivity, how to rightfully talk to others. I learned how to be a child of God” – from Albania

Your scholarship support, whether full or partial, really can impact both time & eternity!

Thank You!